We live in the world of people with different abilities. Visually impaired in this case are highly sensitive to sound, touch and smell. These sensations are applied to design DECENT. It is an universal design for everyone, which eases the steps of measuring.


How Blind Measures

To measure any type of liquid, 80% of the visually impaired had to stick their index finger in the bowl or cup and pour until it reaches their finger. This action might cause sanitation problems and it increases the chance of getting burned while pouring hot liquid. Plus, nobody wants to stick their finger every time to measure.

Possible Solution

This is a measuring cup that has a scale under the cup. The scale is linked to the handle where it has a indicator with a braille on the side. When the user pours the content in the cup, the indicator will rise as the weight of the cup increases. The user can communicate the measurement with the braille on the handle.

Main Cup Design

Definitely, simple design of the cup allows a better access of cleaning for the blind.

Neat and Easy

Most of the visually impaired stick their index finger in the cup or bowl to measure. This could lead to sanitation problems as well as an increased chance of getting burned. While the visually impaired are highly sensitive to sound and touch, the braille and the indicator on the handle perfectly assists them while measuring. The simple design of the cup provides an easier cleaning process for the user. Labels on the cup lets the whole family use it even if you are not blind.

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