the story

As the number of smart security devices at home increases, the rate of robbery is decreasing. However, these devices lack in providing emotional experiences to the users which often brings a feeling of ‘cold’ as being another product at home.

the challenge

Devices that are called ‘smart’ does sometimes confuse users by its interface and design. The challenge here is on how to design a product that emotionally connects with the user by smoothly blending in their houses, but also does its job to secure

the solution

By using a combination of light and patterns, they could notify users of different situations that are happening at home. Light does not only help users with low hearing, but it also blends well with all houses. 

prototype: yellow foam, cardboard, 3D prints

lux means‘light’ in Latin. The letter X resembles the sense of safety and security which leads to the design language of the product. 



11-0601 TCX  Bright White



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