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Powertools are somehow considered as a tool for men, because of the rough design and situation where these are usually used. However, I wanted to design a tool that fits to everybody. I chose to redesign a random orbital sander where a lot of them shared a similar design properties. Here is how OMOK was born. 

Problems that I found about an orbital sander was that, they needed more access to hold the sander. Various way of holding the sander brings a better access to sand for the users. Also, sanders needed an ergonomic handle for both left and right handed people. 


An ergonomic handle with a soild rubber that absorbs vibration was needed for designing OMOK. The design also had to be giving users an various options to hold it. Instead of using regular sand bag that is attached to the sander, OMOK has a dust bag connected to the handle.


OMOK uses a brushless motor to provide more power and a longer life span for sanding. The design of the OMOK gives you 3 variations to hold the sander. They are the handle, palm grip on the front, and the right angle grip with two hands. Unlike regular sanders, OMOK’s dust bag is attached to the handle to allow a larger range of movement while sanding. The amount of the collected dust can be seen through a transparent window on the dust bag.


Palm Grip

Right Angle

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