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QUIETT is an induction cooktop that uses the streaming system to help users to cook. The mainboard has one burner with a touch screen that lights underneath the smooth surface. Users can simply cast the screen of their phone by connecting the QUIETT with Bluetooth and use it as a cookbook. When the user needs more than one burner, they can simply attach another QUIETT that has two burners on the top or left of the mainboard. Magnetic power keeps two cooktops connected and transfers electricity from the mainboard to other boards. The LED on the round edges glow when a pan is placed and the color changes depending on the heat level.

The number of students eating outside was slightly lower than who cooks at home. Students who are not good at cooking tend to make some dishes for their meals to save time and not to struggle with cooking new foods. This is how QUIETT was born. It does not only helps you to cook, but it also brings you another cooking experience in any place.

When two cooktops are connected,
sidelights will be on to indicate that
it is well-connected. Strong magnets hold up the two cooktops together.

Users can simply adjust the temperature to what they want. Blue light indicates HIGH, white for MEDIUM and red for LOW temperature.

When the power code is plugged in, side light will turn on and the silicone ring on
the plug-in will prevent from water getting
into the cooktop. 

prototype from Model Solution



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