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To give people the freshness of the towel, I designed a towel dryer that is mounted inside the wall. The concept had a good advantage in saving spaces in your room, but this design was appropriate only in new houses where this dryer could be built-in from the beginning of the construction of the house.

To dry your towel and your humid room together, I designed a dehumidifier that also worked as a dryer. The design is wall-mounted and the user could simply hang their wet towel on the rack or clothes by using a hanger. Moisture gets sucked in through the filter and dry air is released to the wet content.

paper mock-up

Studies have shown that my design needed to be much larger because of the size of regular bath towels. To make it look as sleek as possible, a lot of curves were used, but this did not solve the overall big looking shape. However, by reversing the design, the towel hides the big volume of the design and the existence of the product is invisible when used.

paper mock-up 2





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